How EVLT Beats Conventional Vein Stripping

Although vascular surgeons perform EVLT (endovenous laser ablation) vein treatment, EVLT is not a typical, invasive surgery procedure. When you hear the word surgeon, you may picture treatments that involve heavy general anesthesia, hospital operating rooms and long recovery periods. However, vascular surgeons today, due to advanced training and state-of-the–art equipment, perform mostly minimally invasive, relatively painless, quick-recovery procedures (like EVLT) with excellent results for varicose veins.

EVLT: Modern, Safe and Efficient Varicose Vein Treatment

EVLT is nothing like the conventional vein-stripping surgical procedures of the past. Older varicose vein surgeries typically entailed invasive vein stripping surgery. EVLT provides the same benefit as earlier vein-stripping surgery, in a non-invasive and quick-healing manner.

EVLT Advantages over Vein Stripping Surgery

EVLT was developed to eliminate varicose veins in a way that fits in with today’s busy lifestyles and it answers the need for efficient, effective and safe, barely-visible-incision treatments. EVLT is performed at a vein clinic in a medical office-like setting using a pinhole opening in the skin. EVLT is a walk-in and walk-out procedure with practically zero downtime. This is in contrast to standard vein stripping surgery, which requires incisions in the groin and the knee area, major bruising plus (at least) a few days, or even weeks, off from work.

Comparing the Procedures: What Happens During EVLT for Varicose Veins?

Vein Stripping Surgery: 

Vein stripping and ligation is traditional surgery that removes or ties off the superficial saphenous vein, a large leg vein that is a common location for vein disease and contributes to other varicose veins. General anesthesia is often required. The surgeon makes incisions in your groin area, and in your knee area, calf and/or ankle. After inserting a thin plastic thread into one end of the vein and out the other, the surgeon ties the thread and uses it to pull out the vein. Once the vein is pulled out through the calf or ankle incision, the incisions are sutured closed. Some patients spend the night in the hospital.

EVLT Laser Procedure:

The diseased and damaged vein is precisely located using ultrasound and the area near the vein is numbed. Using a laser probe, your surgeon makes a needle-sized hole in the skin. The laser travels down inside the vein, irritates it and causes it to collapse. Blood that formerly flowed through (and backed up within) the vein is re-routed around the area. This helps to normalize circulation and eliminate varicose vein symptoms. Patients can walk out of the clinic after EVLT with compression stockings and a tiny bandage.

Consult with a Vascular Specialist in Columbus, OH

Experienced vein specialists rarely perform vein-stripping surgery these days, since EVLT is safe, effective and less stressful for the patient. If you’re suffering with painful or unsightly varicose veins, make sure you consult a specialist with expertise in minimally invasive treatments like EVLT. Contact The Columbus Vein Center and our vascular experts will evaluate your condition and explain your options for treatment, which may include EVLT for varicose veins.