Avoid Venous Disease with Healthy Weight

Healthy eating habits and body weight affect many aspects of your life, and that includes the tendency to develop venous disease and its complications. Some people overlook the value of moderate weight in preventing or controlling vein and circulation problems. Let this blog post provide you with yet another incentive to maintain healthy weight, eat right and get daily exercise.

How Does Weight Affect Venous Disease?

Most people are aware that excess weight can put strain on your joints and put you at risk for diseases like diabetes, high blood pressure and heart problems. But overweight also places stress on other bodily systems, including the vascular system. Excess weight can make you more likely to develop abnormal veins, venous reflux, bulging, varicose veins and blood clots. Here’s how it happens: 

  • Overweight literally adds external physical pressure to your circulatory system. The pressure can even limit or cut off blood flow to your lower body if you remain seated for a significant length of time. Anyone, no matter their weight, however, should alternate sitting, standing and walking to prevent circulatory problems. 
  • Overweight also makes it more difficult for your blood to travel back to your heart and lungs from your extremities. The extra weight makes venous reflux (due to malfunctioning valves within your veins) more likely. That’s because your blood already must fight gravity to get back up to the cardiopulmonary system. Your overall health is at risk if your blood cannot adequately return to pick up more oxygen and nutrients and redistribute them throughout your body. Instead, you can end up with blood pooling in your lower legs, swollen ankles, bulging varicose veins, dangerous DVT blood clots (deep vein thrombosis) and more. 
  • Weak muscles from lack of exercise and/or excess weight further aggravate vein disease, because strong muscles help move blood against gravity. Without the muscle support in your legs and with extra body weight to deal with, your vein valves can become overwhelmed and malfunction, causing vein problems and painful symptoms. 

Is Venous Disease Preventing You from Exercising?

It can be a vicious circle if you have venous disease and are overweight. Let your local vascular surgeon help. If you have leg pain from venous disorders, your vein doctor in Columbus MO can help you to regain normal circulation and eliminate leg pain, swelling and other symptoms of vein problems. As your vein health improves, you will find it easier to get regular exercise and keep vein disease from getting worse in future. 

At The Columbus Vein Center, we offer personalized vein treatment for your vein disease. Make an appointment at our Columbus MO vein clinic and let us help you find the right vascular disease solution for you. Contact us today.